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About Máximo Potencial

We offer a variety of pedagogical support services that enable children to start early in their development.

Máximo Potencial offers a variety of pedagogical support services that allow children to initiate their neurological, intellectual and emotional development from an early age, thus enabling them to reach their full potential. The company provides a differentiated follow-up that goes according to age, level of learning and individual needs. We are a link between the children, their families and a group of professional educators and behavior specialists who will work with the integral formation of individuals.

Máximo Potencial will provide an individualized early stimulation plan, functional neurological organization, and academic assistance that will maximize the potential of the child’s overall development. The company will provide a range of strategies and tools for the active components involved in the individual’s education, such as responsible adults, educators, and behavioral and developmental specialists.

Meet Our Team

We have a group of teachers trained in all areas of learning and languages ​​by levels.

Haydee Herrera


Sandra Barcelata


Carolina Mendoza Duque

Coordinadora Preescolar

Dolores Escobar Rodríguez

Coordinadora Programa Bridgeway Academy